Thursday, 27 February 2014

Anyone for Coffee?

As with most things in life, it appears that I am the last to know about 'Splash Sticks'.  Where has this little invention been hiding?  I recently discovered these during a business trip to Hong Kong.  The barista handed me my takeaway coffee with one of these little fellows in the lid!

A long time ago I started asking that my take away coffee not be filled to the top, it drives me nuts when it spills out onto my hand/coat/skirt when I walk to the office.  It's not only that they fill it too much which causes it to spill out of the lid (complaining about getting too much?  I know!) but also, if the lid is put onto the paper cup with the drinking hole in line with the fold where the paper cup joins down the side, this causes double spillage!!  Yes yes..I am a little coffee drinking OCD.

So anyway,  I was so impressed with this invention that I wasn't sure whether I was going to Starbucks for a coffee or just for an excuse to collect more Splash Sticks to bring home to use in my Nero coffee (sorry Starbucks.  Nero's beat you on coffee hands down)!  Why are these not available in all coffee shops across the world?  As impressed as I am with the invention I am not so sure that the name is equally impressive.  Maybe that is the reason they didn't take off?  Splash Stick? brings to mind something that you would 'pee' on .... like those alkaline testers ... and pregnancy tests... that might just be me and my mind...

When I revealed this find to friends it brought to mind another time that this particular branch of Starbucks saved my day.

On a trip a few years back I got caught in a monsoon walking the short distance from my hotel to the office.  The rain was so relentless that even my umbrella couldn't protect me.  When I made it to the entrance to my office my linen suit had shrunk about an inch revealing the lining on the sleeves of my jacket and the hem of my skirt!!  The humidity and rain had given my hair 'added volume' and that's when I realised I didn't have a brush.  What did I do?  I could hardly turn up to work with a suit too small, squelching shoes AND bad hair, so I had a brain wave and ducked into Starbucks across the road, ordered a coffee (which didn't have splash sticks at the time but again I was ordering coffee for reasons other than needing a caffeine fix!) and pinched a green plastic fork to 'comb' my hair in the toilets!!!!!  It served it's purpose.

I like to think my resourcefulness makes up for what I lack in chic-ness.  Thank you Starbucks.  You might not do the best coffee but you do a good line in useful plastics.

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