Saturday, 8 February 2014

Self Checkout?

Yesterday I was in WHSmiths in Liverpool Street station and was forced to use the self service checkout!  Tell me, how do you feel about self checkout in shops?  I hate having to serve myself! They were actively forcing their use! There was no alternative!  If it were not for the fact that I needed the stuff and was short of time I would have put the basket down there and then and walked out.

I'm not entirely sure why I am so against the idea but I prefer to go to a shop, select my goods, hand them over to the shop assistant and have her/him put them in a bag for me and take my money.  Human interaction.  I hadn't seen it as a luxury until yesterday.  I'm a single girl and as such I do everything for myself. Everything!  I cook every night for myself.  I clean, I iron, I do my own shopping.  I have no one that ever just takes over and does these things for me once in a while.  I like that someone does something for me even it if it is just scanning my shopping and taking my money.  Even asking if I need help with my packing! Even though  I always so no to that.  I think that question is really reserved for OAPs.  

So when I go shopping I don't want to have to scan things myself, answer questions about whether I want a bag or not (I say no then take one anyway.  If I am packing myself I am not paying 2 p for the bag).  Getting bleeped at because I haven't scanned something properly, or told by an electronic shop assistant voice that I need to 'remove the item from the bagging area' that isn't even there!  It always feels as though I am being told off for doing a job wrong that isn't even my job!!  Argggggghhhhh Feeding my coins into the slot or having the change of a ten pound note spilling into the coin tray ..... bagging my own stuff...... it stresses me out.  Can I not just have the luxury of being served by a shop assistant?  Please??

Is this the start of a self service takeover?

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