Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Will You Be My Valentine?

.... tell me who you are and I might!

Anonymous Valentines.  What is that about?  I don't quite see the point of going to some grand gesture of flowers, chocolates and cards and then not revealing your identity?  Do people have a moment of regret on Valentines day having spent a fortune on flowers then thinking... ah... should have put my name on that. 

If you haven't put your name on the card then you won't get the thank you or the reciprocated love.  Hell, you won't even get pleasure from seeing their face when the flowers arrive on their doorstep/office.  Unless you sit in the same office that is and then, yeah you probably made the right choice by not signing the card.  Don't you just end up thinking .. 'ah ...now how do I let her/him know I like him.  I just missed that boat.'

I fear I may be a little too black & white, too literal to appreciate these romantic gestures.  Which is a shame because I have waited approximately 9 years since my last Valentines card!  My sister always found me odd as a teenager when I never adorned my walls with posters of the latest teenage girl crush.  Why would I?  I was never going to meet them so what was the point in fawning over them? or getting blu tack marks on my wall!

The other thing is, what do you do having received an anonymous Valentine?  Once you have drawn up a short list do you start asking 'Hey, did you send me a Valentines card?'.  Will you get a 'Yes it was me!' anyway since they chose to be anonymous?  The alternative answer is 'Urm No.'  Then they might be thinking, who does she think she is?  or Oh, she thinks I fancy her...ooohhh does she fancy me?!  Urgh it's a mine field. 

There's also the danger of looking at the purposely cryptic message too hard and seeing what is not there.  A simple 'You make me smile each time I see you' message just has to be from the hot guy in the office that you have seen once this year and not the creepy guy in the coffee shop that smiles and tries to get chatting EVERY morning.  Let's face it.  Men and women speak different languages anyway so when is 'cryptic' going to work in this situation?

Sad thing?  I thought I was a secret romantic and just hadn't had the opportunity to embrace it.... I'm thinking maybe not now....

Sign the damn card.  It's simple.

That said.  Thank you to both my anonymous and not so anonymous Valentines.  I guess everyone gets something from knowing they are liked by someone somewhere for some reason :)


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