Monday, 3 March 2014


My Office
I had a friend from Portugal visiting this weekend so I took the chance to be London tour guide.  It's too easy to live and work in any city and never see anything, so this year it's all about getting the most out of London.  I'm rekindling my love of all things creative.  It's what makes me happy but too often I get bogged down with earning a living and forgetting to live.

First stop was Liverpool Street and then a walk to The Gherkin.  I have worked in the building for a year but realised on Saturday it was the first time I had actually looked at it!  I'm usually rushing into or out of the office and there are too many people around in the week to step back and just see it.  I find tourists annoying.  Always under your feet and making places crowded.  Bah Humbug.  

Leadenhall Market
From there we walked down through Leadenhall market and then got the DLR from Bank to Greenwich. 

The view from Greenwich Observatory

I have been to Greenwich at least a dozen times and never made it to the Observatory.  That statement seems absurd I know.  The view is amazing and I will never visit again without taking in that view.  Go see it.  Looking across at the city felt strangely as though I was seeing it for the first time. 

After lunch (and obligatory weekend wine) at the Spanish Galleon pub we headed back into the city and to The Shard for our 4 p.m. viewing.  I can be a little bit of a stickler for time.  My friend said bossy.  I say 'just optimising our time to give him the most out of his day'.  But yeah, I can be a little bit sergeant Majorish :-/  
Another must.  Although I have to say I was a little disappointed that we couldn't go higher than the 72nd floor.  There were stairs up to other floors.. I could see them .... but they were cordoned off and I felt cheated! Even Romeo the fox managed to get himself up to the top floor and he didn't have to pay £25.  I also noted there were an awful lot of people protesting at the height and sticking with their back to the internal walls.  Not sure what part of visiting 'The View' from the Shard, the largest glass building in London, didn't suggest some height would be involved?    

The Shard

More floors.  No access :(

To finish the day we stopped for another glass of wine at the Booking Office, St Pancras Grand hotel bar.  I have a weakness for hotel bars, and this one, it's the perfect mix of two of my favourite things, railway station and hotel.  The wine glass was beautiful.  I had an itch to steal it.  I didn't of course.  Cheers to another weekend of discovery.

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