Thursday, 20 March 2014

On Reflection...

Predictably I started thinking about what it is that I have actually signed up for yesterday after a few people started mentioning training.  I mean, I know it's obvious I will have to train but, I hadn't really thought about it.  I train at the gym every week.  I hadn't thought about what it is that I am now going to have to be training for.  There is a big difference between my training and training for something.

Subconsciously I was thinking of running up stairs.  Skipping.  Hitting a punch bag just like my boxercise classes.  In short I was thinking I could just continue with my three days a week at the gym and then turn up on June 12th ready.  Like it was some fitness day.  Then it suddenly dawned on me, I need to train.  For real.  I am actually going to have to train to fight.  A person.  Crap.  In fact I am going to have to learn to fight!!  A person. Crap.

My mind got out of control with thinking last night.  I have a lot of questions.  Do I have to give up alcohol as part of my training??  How often do I have to train?  I need boxing gloves?!  Boxing gloves come in different weights?  Why? Who knew? I didn't I until I jumped out of bed in the dead of night and went online.  Who will answer all these questions?

So next step, I think I need to actually look what I will be up against.  Dare I say 'who' I will be up against (not going to go there yet).  A work colleague watched a clip on YouTube yesterday and helpfully emailed to say 'Woah!  It's actual proper fighting!'  Yeah great.  Thanks for that.  I'm going to have to watch it myself.  Not yet.

Crap.  I'm scared.  Check out what it is all about .... I daren't click on this link yet! The Real Fight Club


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