Thursday, 27 March 2014

Week 1: The Unexpected Things About Boxing

I will post more about the experience so far.  About the private lesson I had Sunday in a converted garage near my flat, the official meeting with the organiser yesterday where reality became a little more real .....

In the meantime I just wanted to update you and tell you the main surprises that are already making things tough for me and it's only the very start of this 10 week process!

Scabby fingers and broken nails 

I have a strict rule never (never ever) to have chipped nail varnish but currently I'm having to wear clear strengthening nail varnish which is disturbing me.  Then after just the short demo with pads Sunday I have sore knuckles on my index finger.  My skin breaks easily and heals very slowly.  I forgot about that.  Without nail varnish and scabby knuckles I have developed a phobia of people seeing my hands.  I hide them on the train when I am reading my Kindle and presenting at work.  Having to point to computer screen on Monday with said scabby finger is causing me such shame.  I feel like a tramp.

Core Strength Exercises...

...are essential for boxing and most definitely my weakest point.  Core exercises are the only real type of exercise I just won't do.  I call my Thursday Legs Bums and Tums class, LB and no T, because when the instructor says the dreaded words 'get your mats' I head for the door.  Not going to be able to do that anymore.  Umph.

Spinning ... good for training.  Tried it in the past.  Don't get on with it.  A bike going nowhere.  Pointless. 


With all this training I am going to have to eat a lot more.  Well, I already have to eat every hour all day every day and god forbid if I am caught out without a snack so this alone is going to be interesting!!!

Aaaaaaaaanyway.  Things are going to have to change around here.     

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