Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Week Two: To Hit or be hit ....

Have you ever hit anyone in the face?

I mean really hit someone and meant it?  Intentionally?  I can't imagine anyone that I know would answer yes to that question.  Not even the men.

During training on Sunday morning we ran through the warm up.  Then I put my boxing gloves on for the first time and we did some punching practice.  L told me to try to hit him in the face.  It felt like the most unnatural thing in the world for me to even contemplate.  Every part of my being said 'NO.  I can't!'.  He and I both knew THIS was the point of this whole thing! I couldn't bring myself to try.  We laughed at the absurdity.  At that moment in time I couldn't hurt him even if I landed the punch! 

In 8 1/2 weeks time I am going to be standing in a ring with a women who wants to beat me to a pulp.  I need to get past this fast.  Crap.  I have to hit someone?  I HAVE to hit someone.  The severity of this challenge has hit home.  Again.

Fact is, without doubt, I am the last person on this earth that could hit anyone and yet I am going to have to.  Repeatedly.  And mean it.  That or stand there and get beaten.

Weigh in and health checks tomorrow afternoon.

WTEck am I doing this for?  


  1. That’s true. In boxing, there’s only two option to take – to hit or get hit. It can be hard to hit someone at first, especially if you're averse to such things. But do keep in mind that it is a sport, so signing up for it means you were aware of such things. Anyhow, how’s your training? I hope you now know how to throw a perfect punch that could take your opponent down quickly! Good luck!

    Barbara Cales @ Legends Boxing

  2. Hitting someone in the face is definitely not the best feeling in the world. But in boxing, you have to do it. Not to become a violent person, but to learn the proper way to react when you find yourself in trouble. How’s your training, btw? I hope you’re still having a blast.

    Conrad Mills @ Toronto Top Team